Season Finale February 17th!

The plan is set for our heroes to steal the seed from the dreaded Shadow Prince Brennus Tanthal. Will they be able to steal the seed, save the Mythal and hence, the world? Or will the forces of darkness be too great for them to overcome? Find out at Dog Story Theater on February 17th at 7PM!

The Next Chapter Begins January 6

The Second Sundering is nigh.

Well, not unless the Children of Destiny have anything to say about it!

The Children of Destiny are delving deeper into the ruins of Myth Drannor, an ancient ruin filled with mysterious magical properties. It seems the further the gang goes, the stranger, and more dangerous, it gets. Attempts at magic have already caused some trouble (and hilarity), but they are racing against a cult with some diabolical intentions.

Will the Children of Destiny be able to intercede? Only one way to find out!

Join us Monday, January 6 at Dog Story Theater!



Dice Tales is Performing at Grand Rapids Comic Con 2018!

This Friday at 7PM, Dice Tales is embarking on their next great adventure… to Grand Rapids Comic Con! We are ecstatic to bring our story to Comic Con, and look forward to seeing your beautiful faces there.

Come follow along with the Children of Destiny as they try to save their gnome friend, Leath, who has become a werewolf!

Dice Tales: DnD Live! will happen at 7 pm in Grand Gallery Overlook C-d on Friday, November 9, and will last until about 11:55 pm.

Learn more details at:

The Facebook Event

The GR Comic Con Website